Martin Yau

Personal Investor, Investment Management

Martin Yau is an Intelligent Investor & Maths Graduate seeking an Analytical role within the Investment Management sector. Founder & analyst at

Martin Yau's Bio:

div { text-align: justify; text-justify: inter-word; } I am Martin Yau. I first became interested in the financial markets during the uncertainty surrounding the 2003 Gulf War. I started to invest in the stock market with a small amount of my own funds after completing my college studies. After continuously improving my skills, I achieved a reasonable return on the amount invested before I delegated the management of my own portfolio to a Robo advisor to spend more time on self-development and managing my own portfolio of unlisted companies and cryptoassets. Managing my share portfolio has led me to start a portfolio of startups and growth businesses. An accidental encounter with a past pitch listing of a Bitcoin mining fund while searching for potentially worthwhile investment opportunities on the Bnk To The Future investment platform has inspired me to conduct my own due diligence of cryptoassets before I started my own portfolio in the new asset class. Both of the mentioned portfolios are currently achieving reasonable returns. I graduated in the Maths with Economics degree. As a result I had immediately started networking with banking and finance students/graduates and professionals. My reasons were clearly influenced by studying Economics as part of my degree which had led to my genuine interest in the banking and finance sector. As I've never worked in this sector, it was important to me to begin to research this sector further and pick up on the commercial understanding together with identifying my personality trait and latent skill sets which would suit this sector and my ideal role. This had also led me to get involved with a banking and finance training and consultancy firm whereby I had enrolled myself onto a Banking and Finance Professional Program in 2010 which was a 4 week course that was accredited by the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments. The course helped me to gain my understanding in the sector on a commercial level together with my interest in investment management assisted me to finding my preferred role. I am connected with banking and finance students and graduates all across the UK through investment societies, alumni and Banking professional networking groups. I am also actively involved with economists and alternative finance professionals. I participate in events, seminars and workshops that are related to banking. I am most suited to an entry level analytical role within an investment management firm who wish to employ me as a graduate. My maths degree has given me the confidence to understanding complex mathematics and to be able to observe financial models, build sophisticated excel spreadsheets and have very strong and methodical analytical skills. I believe I will make a suitable candidate to any organisation that is looking to hire a talented maths graduate.

Martin Yau's Experience:

  • Intern at Bnk To The Future

    Completed tasks within tight deadlines under high pressure. Went through company bank statements and entered transactions in Xero under relevant categories to build annual accounts. Gained some understanding of accounting and bookkeeping. Ensured overall smooth operation of company investor’s launch party through verifying arriving guests against guest lists. Played a role in ensuring that the investors’ party was successful overall, which raised about £1 million, half of £2 million target, during the 2013 seed funding round. Target was exceeded in 2014.

Martin Yau's Education:

  • University of Southampton

    Concentration: Maths with Economics

Martin Yau's Interests & Activities:

Investment banking, Investing, Trading, Financial blogging, banking and finance, M&A, Technology, Alternative Finance, CrowdInvesting, Crowd Funding, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Fin Tech, Social Media, Cryptocurrency, Cryptoassets